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We specialize in helping individuals and families reach their investment and retirement goals by offering a personalized plan that takes the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and preserving your wealth.

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We’ll structure an investment portfolio specifically focused on your goals and tolerance for risk. Our independence allows us to develop relationships with we believe are the best investment and portfolio managers in the business. Whether you’re saving for retirement or want to help fund an education for your children or grandchildren, our focus will always be on you.

  • We will look at your portfolio with a critical eye toward your investment needs, asset allocation, and the suitability of different types of securities considering your goals and risk tolerance. We’ll use asset allocation strategies to distribute your investable assets among a variety of investment categories. The process can help reduce overall investment risk, create more reliable investment forecasts, and help improve the risk/return trade-off of your portfolio.
  • As risk increases, the potential for return also increases. But there is a point for every individual where the level of risk is not worth the potential return. The goal of asset allocation is to provide you with the risk/return scenario that is most comfortable for you.
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Retirement and Financial Planning

There’s nothing more rewarding for us than helping you achieve your retirement goals. We will work with you to put in place a disciplined plan and we’ll meet regularly to make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

  • As part of the retirement and financial planning services we offer you, we’ll evaluate your current financial standing and create a strategy that will help to ensure a desired retirement lifestyle. Because your retirement years can span decades, retirement planning generally dominates other financial goals. A successful financial plan put into place during your wealth-building years should address ways to help maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions, reduce stress, and leave retirement assets to your next generation.
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Life’s Risks

We will review your risks and provide solutions to any areas of concern regarding adequate life and disability insurance. We’ll also discuss your exposure to long-term care costs as well as estate planning.

  • As part of our efforts to help you manage life’s risks, we’ll look to minimize financial and other losses potentially associated with risks to your assets, business, or health. Some examples of risk are catastrophic illness, disability, and long-term care. Your first line of defense is to identify your sources of risk and then to either avoid or minimize the major exposures. Your next line of defense is the insurance coverage you hold.
  • One goal of the estate planning services we offer you is to work with you to make sure your assets go to the people you intend to receive them. We’ll help ensure you have accurately designated the correct beneficiaries for your accounts, and you have a current will in place to distribute your assets as you wish.

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